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Today many couples all over the world owe their happiness to online dating services. Among these platforms Russian dating websites are extremely popular. The reason is quite evident — gorgeous members. In fact, Russian women are famous for natural beauty and sensitive temper.

In Russia a lot of ladies dream about strong relations with an intelligent and kind-hearted foreigner. Thus, there’s always a great variety of female profiles on real Russian dating sites. Actually, you’ll deal with platforms where there are more women than men. That’s the good news for every guy. Moreover, Russian brides are family oriented, strong and happy marriage is their life priority.

Also, Russian mail order brides are smart, understanding and ready to compromise. These women are aware of their worth, but aren’t selfish and manipulative. They used to look up to others feelings. At the same time, they’re passionate and sensitive, that helps them easily steal men’s hearts.

How to recognize reputable Russian dating sites

In fact, this is the first very important step on the way to your ideal Russian bride. It should be worked out. Otherwise, the user may suffer from deep disappointment in a platform itself and may not pursue the case any further. The team of Russian dating experts made thorough investigation and pointed out top Russian dating sites and the aspects you should pay attention to.

Real users’ feedback

If you decide to become a member of a dating platform, it’s highly recommended to refer to the real users’ experience. Read attentively their feedback and try to learn from others’ mistakes. Also, don’t miss true stories of couples who found each other on the platform. They’re the most vivid evidence of the site’s reliability.

Plain usage

If you’re serious about meeting your amazing Russian lady and are going to be an active user of a legitimate Russian dating site — you shouldn’t fool around trying to understand how it actually works. All the options on the platform must be clear, so you could comprehend how to apply it from the first glance.

Advanced search

It’s an obligatory feature for a decent online dating platform to minimize wild goose chasing. Each person who wants to find his soulmate on a site definitely has a list of characteristics of their ideal partners. Detailed searching system allows you to look for a partner according to those characteristics.

Terms of use

Often people ignore reading terms of use before the site’s usage. Don’t make such a silly mistake. It takes about 15 minutes, but makes it clear whether the Russian women dating site really meets your expectations. Besides, quite a good idea is to look through the site’s structure, options, the number of members before becoming a full-fledged user.

Costs and prices

One more important point which sometimes has a great impact on people’s choice. In no way, lower price is a sign of reliability. Those who follow this principle just delude themselves. Price depends on the type of services offered and many other things. It’s better to know how much it costs to be a member of a real Russian dating site, so that you could manage your budget in advance.

Reputable Russian dating sites

Common mistakes of the top Russian dating sites’ users

The team of mail brides’ connoisseurs did an investigation and pointed out some actions which pushed Russian women away. You should probably know it, so that you don't make the same mistakes.

Empty profile

Quite a common mistake on dating platforms. Maybe people think that it looks mysteriously and aroused curiosity to their accounts? It’s a total illusion. Dating sites are used by single Russian ladies in order to find a decent match as soon as possible, so they wouldn’t like to lose any time solving someone’s puzzle. As a very important part of online dating process, profiles should provide fair information about the person and their requirements to a partner.

No pictures

Accounts without photos give the impression of fake. Not many people would choose blind conversation. Besides, Russian brides are very romantic, often they need to see the man’s eyes, his smile to feel that he could really be the one. It isn’t necessary to make professional shooting, just be yourself, add several real pictures without filters and photoshop. No doubt, it’ll make your profile more popular on Russian dating website.


Russian women aren’t used to taking the first step. They respect initiative men who aren’t afraid of winning a lady’s heart. If you decide to wait and see, you’ll probably end up with nothing. Remember that you’re the architect of your fortunes, be active, show her your intense joy, otherwise you may miss the biggest happiness of your life.

Obscure messages

Sometimes men don’t want to spend much time reading female profiles, so they send standard phrases to everyone. Unfortunately, this tactic isn’t going to work with Russian mail brides. Write about your common features, support her ideas, recognise her kind eyes or charming smile, make her feel special and she’ll remember you.

Also, don’t try to be too original, sending extraordinary messages. It might seem weird. Russian lady would appreciate your honest interest and attention, not ill-timed creativity.

The importance of choosing a decent platform is unconditional in your online dating story. Today among such a great variety of Russian dating websites it isn’t an easy task to choose the most appropriate one. Still, it’s possible, especially having a list of useful tips, based on detailed investigation and real experience. Be wise, read the article, learn from others' mistakes and your Russian bride will find you.