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Top Places To Find Novosibirsk Single Women For Dating

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‌‌Novosibirsk brides date foreign men. That's a fact impossible to deny. But do they date all guys? What are the best places to pick up girls in the city? And, after all, what are the girls like? Are they worth all the efforts? Well, yes, they are. You'd never regret you dated girls from Novosibirsk because they're super fun, pretty, and friendly. More about them below.

Top 2 facts about Siberian brides

Single Russian women for marriage from Novosibirsk are unique and special. What should men know about them?

They look differently

Siberian women, and girls from Novosibirsk, in particular, are known for having outstanding appearances. This is conditioned by the fact that the land was and still is populated by various ethnic groups. This mixture of ethnicities resulted in exotic local women's looks. That's why you can meet ladies of different shapes, hair and eye color, complexion. They combine Eastern and Western characteristics.

Novosibirsk woman

They know what they want

If to compare women from a city like Novosibirsk to girls from more Western parts of the country, the first would be called more determined and goal-oriented. This might be explained by a more severe climate that influences people and their behavior. For example, winters in Novosibirsk are quite harsh and long, with strong winds and snowstorms. It's a real test of strength. And women pass it.

How to get girls from Novosibirsk?

‌Getting a woman in Novosibirsk is just a matter of your personal desire and efforts. It's not even a matter of money as Russian mail order brides cost isn't that high for an average Westerner. Here's what you should know and do to attract a Novosibirsk girl:

  • Find male friends first. Yeah, that might sound crazy, but think about it. You're new to the city, don't know the place and the language. Don't you need a bro to help you pick up girls? It's much easier to make connections with men first. Local men are always welcoming and helpful to foreigners. Moreover, your male Russian friends can introduce you to their female friends. And the trick's done!
  • Go to places like clubs or bars. These were and still are the most popular places for meeting new people. The atmosphere is laid-back, fun, and often even drunk. Girls are relaxed and ready to have a roaring good time. Novosibirsk is one of the most populated cities in Russia (third after Moscow and Saint Petersburg) which means the number of single girls is unbelievable. You have all chances!
  • Buy them a drink. That's a tried-and-true method proved by thousands of men—just treat a girl with a nice cocktail. Be polite, smile, give her a compliment, and start a small talk. The majority of local women know at least basic English, many of them are fluent. Anyway, no matter what their English skills are, they'll certainly try to talk to you back and make sure you're welcomed in their city.

Where to find women in Novosibirsk

‌As Novosibirsk is a huge city, places to go to meet local girls are limitless. Here are just a few options among the best ones.


‌Novosibirsk nightlife is volcanic. There are many great nightclubs to hang out in. Friendly atmosphere, tasty drinks, awesome interior—it's all about the clubs below.

  • Truba. The place is extremely popular so you'd better book a table in advance. The cuisine is delicious, the interior is about soviet times, music is high quality. It's a favorite place in the city for both locals and tourists. Don't lose a chance to hang out with pretty ladies in one of the most stylish clubs in ‌Novosibirsk.
  • Alpen Grotte. Excellent place for quality music, dancing, and making connections with pretty local women. Bartenders and waitresses speak good English. The prices are good. You can drink and dance until morning. DJs are wonderful, the staff is professional. It seems impossible not to pick up a woman at Alpen Grotte. They go there to relax and have fun and they're interested in meeting foreign guys as well.
  • Sto Druzey. English-speaking staff, friendly atmosphere, delicious European cuisine, a karaoke bar. There's everything for an amazing evening no matter if you're alone or with a group of friends. Locals are always glad to welcome tourists, so you can get acquainted with pretty ladies right at the club. It's got the name for a reason — “Sto Druzey” or “One hundred friends” means you can't but find new connections there.

Bars and restaurants

‌If you're not that much in dancing, but rather in hanging out at atmospheric bars, the list below might be helpful.

  • Friends. The majority of those who have been to the bar claim it's the best place to meet people. A lot of foreigners hang out at Friends and locals love coming there too to communicate. The place is very cozy. The choice of cocktails is impressive. Some visitors say that the only problem is that it's too crowded. But that might be a benefit for you — the more girls, the better.
  • Bar 113. A welcoming and fun atmosphere. Going to this place is like visiting a good friend at home! Warmth, love, hospitality, fun, simplicity. Great cocktails, amazing prices, and extraordinary staff. These all are the reasons why foreigners love going to Bar 113. Lots of local women hang out at it regularly too. So if you don't know what place to choose—go to this bar and a great night is guaranteed.
  • Hiki. This is the place to come for tasty cocktails for you and pretty ladies. They serve both timeless classics and original creations. The hosts are friendly and cheerful. It's open all night, so if you're up late, this might be your only option in the city. Food is also delicious, but these are mostly sandwiches and burgers. Anyway, you don't go to Hiki to eat. You go there to pick up girls.
Novosibirsk girls

Online dating sites

‌If you're more into online connections, go for legit Russian dating sites. For example, BravoDate or JollyRomance. They're great for online girls' search. Here are a few reasons to choose them:

  • Confidence. When you know the majority of dating platforms' users are singles looking for connections, acquaintance and dating become less stressful. They're as interested in meeting you as you're interested in meeting them.
  • Accessibility. Use the site anytime and anywhere. The sites function properly from any device, modern communication features allow connecting successfully from any corner of the world.
  • Affordability. How many cocktails do you have to buy for different girls before you find a woman who'll be the one to spend a good time with? How many bars and clubs do you have to visit? It's much faster and more affordable with online dating sites.

Novosibirsk girls dating culture

‌Find a few Russian date tips below to make sure you date local girls the way they expect:

  • It's okay if she's late for a date. It's a kind of dating cultural peculiarity—girls are allowed to be 15-20 minutes late and men are totally fine with it. So don't lose your temper if she's not on time.
  • It's not okay to go Dutch. American and European women find it absolutely normal to split the bill on dates. However, Russian women will never understand that. It's men who pay the bill in almost all cases.

‌Women in Novosibirsk can make your stay in the city a wonderful experience. They look like a million dollars, have a marvelous sense of humor, and are always ready to have fun. If you need a girl like that—visit a few places from the list above or register on a dating platform and find a woman there. Take your chance!