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Important Things To Know When Dating A Russian Girl

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Are you obsessed with the idea of winning the heart of a devoted and alluring woman from Russia? Understanding the behavior and values of your potential spouse helps to make your romance harmonious and long-lasting. When you know how to treat the lady, you have the clue to a successful life with a woman of your fantasies. In this article you will get some working tips on dating a Russian woman.

Men’s traits Russian woman values the most

Show your natural intelligence

The majority of stunning ladies from Russia have good education and broad minds. So, the intellect of their future husbands is an essential feature. Men have to be interesting and open-minded. Such girls search for educated partners to discover new things and places together. What’s your favorite book or film? Discuss your interests with your new interlocutor and find common topics for discussion. Be sure, your girl will always find something to mention. You’ll never get bored with such a partner!

Pay the bill in the restaurant

While dating a Russian girl, don’t forget to pick up the bill even if she invited you for dinner. Yes, probably your local girls are against it and claim they can pay for themselves. But when it comes to Russian dating traditions, it goes without saying that men do it. It demonstrates you’re kind and caring, and your material status isn’t low. If she’s a well-mannered person, she’ll probably pretend she’d like to pay the bill, but you should take over it.

Learn a bit of Russian language

Nothing is more attractive for Russian brides than a foreign guy trying to speak Russian. Many local females find it pretty cute, so this is the right way to melt the heart of your desired match. There’s no need to be ideal, but your diligence will be rewarded. Have you ever thought that Russian is considered to be easier to learn than many other languages? You shouldn’t be afraid of grammar nuances and mistakes, it’s a normal thing for everyone who learns a new language. Try to learn several compliments and say them to your lady. Be sure, with your initiative, dates will be perfect!

Stay patient

It’s not a secret that Russians are warm-hearted with friends but are still restrained with strangers. When it comes to dating a local woman, she won’t open all her secrets to every foreign man. Russians tend to be reserved and try to keep the distance before you get to know each other better. When your potential girlfriend seems to be an Ice Queen, it’s a matter of time. Sometimes, it’s a way to protect herself from the possible pain, but it’s not a reason for you to give up. Be certain, if she doesn’t like a man, she refuses him immediately. But if she likes you, she’ll continue going on dates, and step by step open her soul and break the ice.

Men’s traits Russian woman values the most

How to date a Russian lady: Things to avoid

Performing these unforgivable mistakes can lead your romantic affair with your girl nowhere. Follow these Russian women dating advice and you will know how to attract your beloved and avoid confusion.

Pride and narcissism

Charming women from Russia easily identify egotistical guys on the first date. Such partners have no chances to win the heart of these misses. Nobody wants to bind their life with a person who cares only about himself and talks just about his success. Show that you’re interested in her hobbies, preferences, views, and everyday life.

Unpresentable appearance

You may be surprised to discover your girlfriend-to-be had been thinking about her look since the moment you asked her for a date. She spends hours choosing what dress to wear or maybe even goes shopping for the best clothes for your romantic meeting. If you don’t pay attention to your appearance, you won’t put your best foot forward. Even if you don’t know where you’re going, make sure you’re dressed up, your shoes polished, and clothes ironed.

Bad smells

Many foreign guys undervalue ladies’ sensitivity to smells. When you have any suspicion you can be the source of an unpleasant smell, your woman can sense it. Getting ready for a date, make sure your body is clean and good-smelling. Instead of using a deodorant or perfume, it’s better to take a shower. Remember, no deodorant can remove bad smells that are already present.

Straightforward intimacy hints

Some Western guys may think that Russian girls are ready for one-night stands, and they’re deluded. These gorgeous ladies value themselves and won’t go to bed on the first date with a stranger. You have to keep in mind this fact. If you start intimate talks, it may offend her and your date with this girl will be the last. Even if she drives you crazy, you shouldn’t talk about sex relationships until you see she’s ready. Your potential partner wants to be special not only physically, but mentally too. How to date a Russian girl who’s always on your mind? Treat her as a person who has her own desires and a deep inner world.

Indecisiveness and self-doubt

Russian ladies are searching for mentally and physically strong men they can rely on. They never bind their lives with lying guys who can’t be responsible for their words and actions. They choose only those, who bring them a sense of new beginnings. If you can’t provide confidence in the future, a romantic affair with Russian miss isn’t for you. These ladies appreciate men who know exactly what they want from life.

How to date a Russian lady

One of the greatest tips for dating a Russian woman is to be yourself. Don’t try to be ideal, but take into consideration the above-mentioned things. Females from this part of the planet are interested in ambitious and reliable guys who strive for success in both their work and personal life. They want to become wives for serious men without bad habits and who treat them with love, kindness, and care.

Don’t speak about intimacy, show you serious plans for the future, and that you value your girlfriend-to-be. Don’t forget to pay the bills in the restaurants, hold the door, and assist her. Show her she’s special to you and that you’re ready to do everything to win her heart. Stay polite if she’s cold and after a while, you’ll discover the rich inner world of your beautiful Russian girl.

How to date Russian girls online

If you want to catch a Russin girl’s attention, registering on the site isn’t enough. You should fill in your personal account page to make it interesting and attractive for others. Add some information about your interests, everyday life, occupation, and your ideal partner. Upload some photos showing you’re a serious and reliable person for relationships and family life. Russian misses are looking for reliable and wealthy partners who’re ready to start a long-lasting romance. The more details your profile contains, the more chances for success you have.

Basically, trustworthy dating websites offer a prime membership or credit packages that supply its participants with helpful opportunities:

  • To interact with any Russian singles you want
  • To make video and audio calls
  • To view private photo collections
  • To order delivery of gifts and flowers

Use special tools to win her heart

You don’t know how to impress your potential girlfriend from Russia? Multiple additional services are at your disposal. Send her flowers or chocolate to show she’s always on your mind. When you get to know each other better, you can continue your interaction via calls or video mode. Thanks to these options, you can see the eyes or hear the voice of your beloved. Of course, it costs money, but it’s the best investment because you invest in your future happiness. However, nobody can guarantee your success and you can’t buy the love of Russian women.