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Russian women of Moscow are desired by foreigners because of their attractive appearance, fun nature, friendliness, and openness. Dating them is a real pleasure. But what are the ways to make this happen? Where to go to meet girls in Moscow? Are there any good dating agencies to help with that? Find out below in the guide.

Top facts about women in Moscow

There are lots of rumors about stereotypical Russian girls, but what's really true? What are Moscow brides like? Here are some interesting details about them.

They're feminine

Slavic women are in general considered very feminine, soft, and tender and Russian women are just a confirmation of this fact. By the way, local Russian men often don't even notice how girlish their women are, but foreigners feel and see it immediately. This is because of their cultural and social background—they have an experience of dating Western women and can compare—Russian women are indeed much more feminine.

Moscow women

They're friendly

It's another stereotype going around about women from Moscow—foreigners think they're cold, reserved, unfriendly, and rarely smile. But this is just half of the truth. Women indeed can be a bit reserved at the beginning. It's conditioned by the history of the country and the circumstances they live under today. They usually need time to know a person and only after that they open up and become the friendliest people you have ever known. Give girls a chance and don't jump to conclusions.

How to get Russian girls in Moscow?

Here are a few tips on how to meet single Russian ladies and make your dating experience enjoyable:

  • Shower her with attention. Probably, you won't find any other women who'll strive to get men's attention more than Russian women do. The girls require and want it badly. And when they get it—they become the happiest on the planet. So call her more, ask how she's doing, make compliments, presents, and let her know you adore her.
  • Pay the bills. A lot more years might have to pass when this tradition will fade into obscurity. Men pay for women on dates in most cases in Moscow. Even when a woman can afford to pay for herself, she'll still expect a guy to do it. It demonstrates your self-assurance, care, and ability to be a provider.
  • Do what gentlemen are expected to do. Moscow girls are brought up with an image of a perfect man. In their dreams, he's very masculine, strong, and caring. He carries her heavy bags, holds the doors, helps to get into a car, and treats her like a tender flower—with love and care.

Best places to meet Russian women in Moscow

One of the safe and proven methods to look for girls in Moscow is to go to nightlife places like clubs and bars. So if you need a Moscow nightlife guide, find it further.

Best nightclubs in Moscow

Moscow is huge and that's why the number of good nightclubs seems endless. Here are just a few ones that are often visited by local beauties looking for foreign men to date.

  • Night flight. One of the oldest clubs in the city. It's also one of the most popular ones among locals because of its location, services, music, and interior. It's located on Tverskaya Street—the center of Moscow, near the Red Square. There's a restaurant, VIP lounge, a huge dance floor, and a strip bar. Be ready to splash some cash, the place is quite expensive. But the women going to Night flight deserve it all.
  • Propaganda. If you need something more budget-oriented, go for a Propaganda nightclub. It's been working for over 20 years now and still has a great reputation. Many nightlife lovers claim it's the best place to hang out and pick up girls in Moscow. Pleasant service, waiters speak English, food is delicious, prices are affordable. The location is also convenient—the center of the city — Zlatoustinskiy Bolshoy lane.
  • Krysha Mira. One of the coolest places to visit in Moscow is Krysha Mira or "Roof of the World". The view is awesome! That's a reason why girls visit the place so regularly—everyone wants a nice pic to share on social media. Come there in the late night or early morning and enjoy the sunrise. That's unforgettable. No woman can resist. By the way, there's face control, however, it seems like Western foreigners might have it a bit easier to pass the manager at the entry.

Pick up bars in Moscow

Another sure-fire way to find a woman in Moscow is to go to one of its bars. The list of the best ones for picking up ladies is below:

  • Kot Schrödingera. The place is highly recommended by everyone who has ever visited it. It's usually noisy upstairs, but quite loungy downstairs—calm music and relaxing atmosphere. Girls love the place—it's very photogenic with lots of cool stuff like unusual cocktail glasses.
  • 69 Pints Craft Bar. The name is intriguing. The bar is totally worth going to. Great rock music, lovely staff, a great atmosphere, and lots of choices of beer. The place is quite small, but the feeling is special. Everyone is friendly, foreigners are always welcomed. Not a problem to get acquainted with a woman and have a nice talk.
  • Einstein Lounge. A budgetary place visited by many local women. It's a hookah lounge with an amazing lab entourage. There are also go-go shows, cover bands, themed parties, and other activities to make visitors entertained. Totally a must if you're a foreigner who doesn't want to spend a fortune on costly cocktails, but rather looking for a friendly atmospheric space full of pretty girls.
Moscow girl

Moscow online dating

Another way to meet Moscow girls is honest Russian dating sites. For example, BravoDate and JollyRomance are always recommended by both foreign men and Russian girls. The users love these dating services because of a few important reasons:

  • A huge, friendly, and active community. The sites managed to gather an enormous group of singles from all over the world. Moscow women are a big part of it. Many are constantly online.
  • Quality profiles. You don't have to message a woman to understand whether you want to meet her. The accounts have all the necessary info and many photos. Choose who you like!
  • Means of communication. Connecting to women is fast and effective. Send a message or an email and get a prompt response. It has never been easier to find a woman for a date.

Culture and traditions of dating Moscow girls

Here's what every foreign man should know about dating Moscow chicks:

  • Gender roles are strict. Men are the leaders in the country. Russia is moving towards gender equality, fighting pay gaps and domestic violence, but there are still deeply rooted traditions and values which are hard to change. Men are the providers for the majority of Russian girls. It means you have to be strong, confident, and financially independent.
  • Beauty standards are high. Women in Russia dress to impress. It's difficult to imagine a typical Moscow girl would allow herself to look bad going on a date. The ladies are expected to look good all the time. Maybe that's why foreigners adore them so badly. Western women don't care about appearance that much. So don't be surprised to see your Moscow girl looking stunning all the time.

Russian women in Moscow combine characteristics that no other women do. Life in one of the greatest cities on Earth makes them ambitious, determined, and strong-willed on the one hand, but friendly, open-minded, and welcoming on the other. This makes them special and extremely desired by foreigners. Luckily, you have all chances to meet and date one of the Moscow Russia women. Just make the first step—visit places mentioned above or register on a dating site and get on a roll!