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The Most Widespread Myths About Russian Girls

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When we speak about women from Russia, usually Western men imagine a blonde lady with red lipstick in a mini-dress. It’s one of the most popular stereotypes connected with these gorgeous girls. But how to create the right portrait of a Russian lady?

There are many fakes about these stunning women among foreign guys. It’s not so easy to learn a lot about their lives and characters if you’re so far from them. Also, you can face various fake pages with images taken from the Internet in the web search. As usual, they have nothing in common with reality and it’s just a way of illegal activity of fraudsters. But when it comes to real women from Russia, they’re different.

Myths About Russian Girls

If you want to settle down with such a miss, you have to be free from misconceptions. So, let’s destroy all these false stereotypes about Russian women. It’ll help broaden your mind and build an ideal connection with the lady of your fantasies.

Russian ladies are hopelessly domesticated

One of the most popular misconceptions is when these misses are done searching for wealthy husbands, they stop working and turn into housekeepers who only cook and wash. In fact, women from Russia are incredibly independent and as Russian poet Nekrasov said, can stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house. Be certain, your foreign bride won’t forget about her self-development and career.

All captivating females from Russia are blondes

One of the popular Russian girl stereotypes is that all the most attractive local women have blonde hair. It’s not a national peculiarity of these girls. There are many brunettes and brown-haired ladies who can steal your heart at first sight.

Women from Russia are superstitious

Honestly, Russians are inclined to have many superstitions that have become habits. The “knock on wood” is in many parts of the world, but especially in Russia. Don’t be surprised if your foreign bride has to sit down before leaving for a trip to ensure a good journey. Also, she considers it good luck to accidentally break a glass, and she can spit three times over her shoulder after she knocks on the wood. Most people don’t believe these slightly strange things work, but they do them just in case.

Russian girls can’t leave their homes without makeup

These charming brides won’t go to the market to buy some things without having any makeup on. But, modern trends have impacted their habits and looks, so today girls try to look as natural as possible. The false lashes, red cheeks, and lips are all signs of a bad taste. Locals do their best to look attractive at any meeting, but they don’t overuse cosmetics. This is an absolute stereotype about Russian women.

They want a luxury life

One of the most popular stereotypes about Russian women is that they’re obsessed with fancy dresses, shoes, and ostentatious jewelry. Many foreign guys think these misses wear only high heels, but in fact, average citizens prefer casual fashion style. And when it comes to a luxurious life, it’s also fake news because girls from any Russian city surely aren’t more flashy than Londoners or New Yorkers.

Local females are poor

Honestly, these ladies simply pretend to be poor. It’s a matter of a mindset. In fact, women from Moscow and other big cities have many career opportunities and good living conditions. However, lots of them take a subordinate role.

Russians are extreme

If you watch some Youtube clips with crazy driving, ice-swimming, and bear-hugging, keep in mind that people perform these things in many countries. If we speak about Russian brides, they’re not extreme. It’s just one more media stereotype.

Russian women are impolite

Another stereotype about Russian girls is that they’re rude. On the contrary, these stunning ladies are open-hearted, generous, and friendly. Although, you have to put some effort to gain their trust. They aren’t inclined to believe every foreign guy, some of them wear a mask of alienation protecting them from pain. In reality, it’s hard to provoke a negative reaction or rudeness.

Russian women stereotypes

Do these prejudices make sense? Do they make guys and ladies happy? No, not actually. Because of these Russian girls’ stereotypes, life and relationships become more difficult for both genders. Men are full of doubts and women are lonely. That’s why today thousands of men and women can’t find their soulmates.

Your thoughts and beliefs about these ladies from Russia must certainly be predicated on your own experience. You must decide if you like this girl and whether you need to have a romantic affair with her, but perhaps not the urban myths. What are you waiting for? Join a dating website and get acquainted with the most gorgeous Russian single who wants to create a happy relationship!