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Russian Women Personality: Is Russian Character Really So Complex?

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Understanding Russian women is only as complex as you make it. Sure, there's a language barrier, but once you're past that, the wall comes down easily. Beyond that, they're normal women, just like those from any other country. Once you've got that understood, it's smooth sailing. Just figure out the common Russian women traits, and that's what this guide will help you with.

What's special about Russian women personalities?

Russian women are a catch, but understanding them can be difficult. After all, they've been raised differently from women in the West, and they have different life perspectives and ideals. There are some common ideas, but remember, this isn't a surefire way of figuring out every single Russian lady's personality. These are the key Russian female features.

about Russian women

They're straightforward

There's no beating around the bush with Russian ladies, and they'll expect you to be the same way. If you're interested in them, you better make it known quickly, instead of being timid and hiding in a corner. A Russian girl who's into you will pursue you until you give her a hard “yes” or “no”.

They're accepting of traditional gender roles

Most Russian women are still used to traditional gender roles, while a few do step out of it. This means they prefer to be the housewife while the husband puts food on the table. These ladies are comfortable making their husbands happy, as long as the husbands keep them comfy.

They're empathetic

Nothing is worse than having a significant other who cannot understand your problems or simply doesn't care. Imagine having a terrible day at work, and you want nothing more than to come home and vent to your girlfriend, but she isn't receptive. Russian ladies aren't like that. They're empathetic towards the people they care for, be it a boyfriend, a family member, or just a friend. They're dependable on that aspect, so you can always count on them being a reliable shoulder to lean on when things get a little too difficult.

They're independent

Russian girls love having a man to take care of them but don't think that means they're always dependent on others. These ladies are fully capable of living life on their own terms without anyone's help. Don't push a Russian girl's buttons too much by pointing out that you're paying for dinner on a date, because she might take it harshly and never let you take her out again.

They're free spirits

Russian girls are open to new ideas, and always happy to try new experiences. Whether it's going on an impromptu road trip to look at stars at 2 AM, hitting up a new restaurant in town, or going ice skating on a whim. As long as they trust you, they'll be up. All these girls need is a guy they have faith in, and you'll be in for the time of your life. Just try to be as accepting of their ideas as they are of yours.

There's no single way to generalize the Russian girl personality. These are some broad generalizations that tend to be accepted, but every lady has got her own quirks and interests that make her different from others. So how do you figure out every bit of the Russian women character? Simply put: you spend more one-on-one time with them. To truly learn what your Russian love interest is like, the things that motivate her and push her buttons, get close, and be vulnerable till she feels comfortable opening up. That said, the pointers from earlier will definitely get you started on the right path. Good luck deciphering your Russian girl's personality!