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How To Attract A Russian Girl: All The Know-How You Need

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Smooth talking is important, but different girls respond to different kinds of smoothness. You won't be able to cha-cha slide your way into a Russian girl's heart the way you would an American's. That's why this guide exists! Read on to learn how to make a Russian woman fall in love with you!

How to impress a Russian woman?

Russian women for marriage are on a broad spectrum of what appeals to them. So you want to impress a Russian lady you met on your travels? Remember: things that get some girls weak in the knees won't always work on others. That being said, one or two of these is sure to get you in her good books.

Know how to use tools

Ever had your car break down? Popping the hood and taking a look at your engine, despite not knowing anything about it made you look cool. As long as you don't come off as unknowledgeable, any Russian girl that sees you in that position is going to take a liking to you. Don't limit yourself to cars though. A man who knows how to use a wrench and a screwdriver around the house is impressive, and slowly becoming a rarity these days. It's so much better when a girl can watch her man fix stuff around the house, instead of some stranger she has to end up paying.

Pay for the meal

Pay for the meal

It's considered the man's duty to pay for the meal at the end of a date. It might not be expected from you since you're a foreigner, but can you imagine how you'd impress them if you did it anyway? Most Russians are slowly moving away from the “men always pay for dates” mentality in the name of equality, but everyone likes being spoiled! It's okay to indulge in traditions like that sometimes, so show her your appreciation by paying for the date.

Embrace the Russian manliness ideal

This simply means to be confident. A man who is indecisive and doesn't know what he wants isn't attractive because that's a man without any direction in life. Russian women want stability, and a man who is able to make choices, regardless of the situation, is a man who will do good in life. That's impressive to these girls.

How do you win a Russian woman's heart?

Impressing a Russian woman is one thing. Winning her heart? That's a different ball game. If you want this girl to fall in love with you, being plain manly isn't enough. Here's what to do.

Splurge on flowers, chocolates, and compliments

If there's one thing you should never do, it's skimp on the flowers. Russian girls expect flowers on Valentine's day, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. The bigger the bouquet, the better the impression. Even though it's expected, you can always surprise her with unique arrangements of flowers, paired with boxes of chocolates. Showering her with compliments, telling her how pretty she looks or how musical her voice is will also melt her in your presence.

Splurge on flowers

Embrace chivalry

Out in the West, you'd be accused of seeing women as inferior in today's political climate. Russia still embraces the ideal of chivalrous males, so things like opening car doors, pulling out chairs, sweeping gestures of romance all go widely appreciated by Russian women.

So, how to impress a Russian girl? Russian women aren't an alien species that have no similarities to other females across the planet! Like with any girl, get to know your crush. Figure out her likes and dislikes. And act! The secret to a Russian girl's heart is to follow the points mentioned above. Then take the time to learn the more intimate aspects of the individual, so that she'll slowly, truly, fall in love with you. Have you got it in you to make it happen?