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Top Questions About Romances Between Russian Women And American Men

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Everyone knows about the popularity of international romantic relationships. Many females from Russia dream of marrying guys from the USA. Being one of the most powerful countries on the planet, it gained a positive reputation. American men live in a country with high standards of social security and health protection. Family life with one of such guys is a bright fantasy of almost every Russian girl. Thousands of young ladies are ready to cross the ocean to be with their beloved.

If you`re an American man who still wonders what chances you have for dating one of these ladies, this article is for you. Get to know why they prefer Americans and what reasons push them to find their love overseas.

Do Russian women like American men?

Ladies from Russia find guys from the USA very attractive. Many of them search for partners for serious relationships and family life specifically from this country, as they consider Americans better than their local men for numerous reasons. Marriage services specializing in bringing men from the USA and women from Russia together, claim that between 80 and 95 percent of international matrimonies are happy. It proves that these ladies are really interested in harmonious relationships with Americans.

Russian women like American men

Why do Russian women want to marry American men?

What are the main reasons for these Slavic women's great interest in guys from the USA?Do they value only your money and high standards of living? Why do they like Americans?

The courtship of American guys is a wow for Russian girls

The mentality of these men is correctly built: a male conquers a female. But men from Russia tend to behave and feel as they`re the prize and think like: "well, okay, I`ll find another one for myself." And he`ll find her. Although, in large Russian cities, the situation is slowly improving. The boys start to realize that they aren`t the center of the universe, that girls know languages, and there are other perfect men. In contrast, Americans know what to do from the beginning, and girls don`t need to teach them, which is cool.

Americans want to spoil girls

Americans know that the most important rule in the relationship is “Happy wife - happy life.” They understand: when your lady is happy, everything will be excellent. If you have a girl, you get married, you are fine. If you don`t have a partner/didn`t, then something is wrong with you, you`re a loser. Americans like to spoil their beloved, and Russian females highly appreciate it. Their local guys often forget to give them compliments and flowers doing it only on celebrations or holidays. But men from the USA are better in this case because they show admiration all the time.

Guys from America accept ladies with kids

In Russia, there`s a problem for girls to find a compatible partner. If a Russian woman is over 30, divorced, and has a kid, she faces difficulties in finding a serious man for family life. It`s a rare case when a male in Russia wants to start a romantic affair with a lady of his age who has kids from previous relationships. But when such a female meets an American man, the situation is much better. Besides, many ladies know that a child isn`t a problem for her foreign guy. If he loves her, he`ll love her children and will be ready to have even more kids in his family.

accept ladies with kids

Special attitude to females

One more reason why Russian women love Americans is their manners and attitude. These ladies find foreign husbands kinder and more grateful than their local ones. Guys in Russia are inclined to be rude and picky. They don`t respect their spouses when they deserve it. Americans have a different mentality and mindset, and they know how to please women.

Americans are healthier

Males from Russia are known for their bad drinking habits. It`s one of the main reasons for divorce in this country. Alcoholism is an actual problem of the guys living in villages and small towns where unemployment rates are the highest. They don`t understand that they ruin not only their own lives but also the lives of their wives and children. Since America is a more prosperous country, men there are more conscious about their health, which attracts Russian ladies. American guys even look younger than some Russian ones. Slavic girls like this active lifestyle, as most of them play sports, exercise regularly, and try to keep fit.

American males respect their wives

Most Russian guys cheat on their wives regularly, or at least from time to time. Domestic violence is a serious issue in post-USSR countries. Police prefer to stay away from family quarrels, and there`s no system of female protection and quick response to acts of domestic violence. Most ladies in this country either suffered from gender violence themselves or know someone who`s in an abusive relationship. These girls find Americans less aggressive and more polite in general. They believe that such a husband can provide affectionate relationships and stability for a future family, which most Russian candidates cannot.

males respect their wives

If you`d like to settle down with one of these eye-catching girls from Russia, there`s nothing to worry about. They aren`t materialistic and career-oriented, and the reasons why do Russians like Americans are clear. Now you know all of them. Their priority is not to migrate but to create a harmonious family where everyone is respected and loved is their goal. And their dreams can come true with an American man.