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Getting tired of the basic blonde? You know, the Ariana Grande fan who fawns over Billie Eilish? Well, no worries, Russian women are nothing like Western women. And there’s no wonder now why men all around the world seek Russian partners for dates or even for wives. But, you might be asking where can I meet Russian women? Well, today we take a good look into how you might nab a gorgeous Russian beauty!

Ways to meet Russian girls

If the Russian girls' image looks appealing to you, the next question is where to find a Russian date. Let's explore several ways.

A journey to the Russian Federation

The obvious way is to travel to the location where Russian brides live. You might be asking where to meet local Russian women? You can search for Russian love just in public places. Perhaps, you'll meet her on the street, movies show. However, this method has its limitations. It requires many sources and time to travel there. Moreover, not all the girls you'll meet want to be with a foreigner.

Communities in your neighborhood

Some people might claim Russian people are everywhere. Well, maybe, not in every corner of the planet, but during the massive migration, Russians relocated to many countries. In new places, they gather into communities to support each other. Those groups might be about the origin or a hobby. It's likely you'll meet some girls willing to marry a foreigner.

Russian dating sites and apps

There’s a more convenient tool to find a Russian bride than those described above. There are lots of particular Russian dating sites, created for men who admire Russian ladies and want to marry them. They gather only Russian women looking for marriage with a foreigner. Using those platforms will more likely bring you results faster.

Russian mail order brides know how to make a man happy and definitely worth the search. They’re waiting for a reliable man like you!

Karaoke parties

You heard that right. Even though karaoke is a Japanese pastime by origin, they have become incredibly popular among women all over the world (especially women from Eastern Europe), in the past decade. There are a ton of karaoke bars which are open-mic, that is, women take the stage and display their prowess in singing. These are the ladies any man aspires to meet! These western style open mic setups are the best for getting yourself with Russian ladies, but if readers desire to meet Russian women in booths, approach them when they are drunk and ready to mingle. This usually works late night on weekends when they tend to party more.


Ah, what better place for love to be found! Meeting Russian women in universities is tough but rewarding, as a lot of these ladies are solely focused on passing with flying colors! They key tip is to meet them during their free time (that is, when they go to a library to chill out, or to the canteen to have a midnight snack). Strike up a conversation and watch the flames dance! Younger Russian women are more likely to be inexperienced with the dating scene so take it slow. Maybe even schedule a study session with them and get to know them more! Ohio State University, University of Cork, Ireland, Texas State University, these are some prime examples where men might find the best Russian girls to date!

Supermarkets with Russian commodities

A supermarket might sound like an unromantic location to meet people. But, on a closer inspection, the truth will be revealed. Supermarkets are a great place to strike up conversation with women who are waiting in line with you! As long as readers plan their trip and make sure they don’t go on days when markets are generally crowded (like a Sunday), it should be easy to meet alone a Russian lady who is bored and looking to strike up a chat with you!

Walks in parks

Taking a long stroll in the evening is a joy many partake in, but did you know that it’s also a great opportunity to meet new people? While a lot of folks use parks as a resting place after a long day at work, there is a sizeable community who wants to socialize and meet new people in parks. Try to find parks which appeal to Russian tastes (like parks that have statues of Russian idols, or hiking trails with stops selling Russian cuisine), and have a dog alongside so that women start up conversations with you!

To make quick progress with approaching Russian ladies, go for various places during the week and on weekend. On Monday go to University campus. On Tuesday afternoon attend a park nearby. When you do your shopping? Saturday morning? Perfect! Why not trying new food? Go to a Russian supermarket and maybe in a while you will eat borscht prepared by your new Russian girlfriend. Karaoke, nightclubs are the best spots for Friday night!