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Chatting with Russian women might be challenging to some foreign men because of various reasons. Different languages and cultures, communication skills and emotional intelligence, taboos and limits. Explore the tips on how to overcome these obstacles and find common ground faster and easier.

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What to say to a Russian girl?

What are the topics to discuss with Russian women not to feel awkward and be sure you're not crossing the line?

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  • Say compliments. The best way to start a conversation. All girls love it, but it seems like beauties from Russia need them badly. But try not to be too banal and stereotyped. Of course, it's okay to repeat how good she looks but go a bit further. To ensure the compliment you're giving hits home in the way you intended, make it personal so the recipient feels extra special. Notice details like the jewelry she wears, meals she cooks and eats, her music taste, or her perfume. Make your compliment unique.
  • Exchange cultural experience. If at some point you understand that you have no idea what to say next in your conversation with a Russian girl, it's always fine to start talking about the countries you come from or have been to. Here are a few examples of what questions you can ask. “Have you ever traveled abroad?”, “What do you like about Russia?”, “Is there something you don't like about your country?”, “Is it true that (mention any stereotype you're interested in)?”. Be genuine and ask questions with great interest, share your opinion, be active.
  • Talk about hobbies. Hobbies are usually a big part of people's lives. It's something they love as they choose to devote their free time to it. It's something they can talk about a lot as they know the subject. The conversation is automatically going to be upbeat and positive. Maybe she's into yoga, running, or painting? Maybe she's a Harry Potter fan? Or she's a big traveler? There's even a chance you have a hobby in common. If not, maybe you want to give something a try, and she's already good at it? Just imagine what an engaging talk you're going to have.
  • Share your plans and goals. Many people prefer to hide their plans until they're realized. There's, however, another opinion that when you share something you want, another person visualizes it, and the chances it to come true increase. In any case, there are certainly some ideas you have in your head about trips, celebrations, career, shopping. So does she. Ask her something like “When is your birthday?”, “How are you going to celebrate?”, “What presents do you want?”. Comment on her answers and add what you can from your experience or ideas. Do the same with any other topic.

How to behave when chatting with Russian girls?

How to act around girls? How to impress them?

  • Be respectful. Don't talk bad about other people when you chat with her. Or anyone else. Don't use rude or hurtful words. Don't be offensive and don't try to seem better than you're just at the expense of others. Be a respectful, independent, assertive man. Politeness and kindness are your best friends when you want to impress a Russian woman.
  • Be flirty. Healthy flirting adds fun and excitement. How to flirt correctly so you both feel that chemistry, but not awkwardness? Firstly, ditch the cheesy lines like “Is there an airport nearby or is it my heart taking off?”. They sound witty and hilarious for some men, but women usually don't like them. Secondly, think about what you like about her and use your charm and sense of humor (if you're sure you've got a good one). Thirdly, make certain you smile and have fun.
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How to talk with Russian girls online?

And a few tips for you if you're dating a Russian girl online.

  • Mind your greetings. Starting your talk with "Oh hey there", “Hi”, and “How is it going” is usually okay, but it doesn't provoke girls to continue a conversation. The worst can be saying something like “Hey sexy”. Introduce yourself and state why you're texting. There's probably something that has drawn your attention in her profile.
  • Ask an open-ended question. Such questions require more than a "yes" or "no" answer, so it's a great way to get a conversation going. For example, “What's your idea of the perfect day?”
  • Never correct her. It's just impolite, especially when you don't know each other well and in fact, nobody asked for your corrections. What's more — English isn't her first language at all. Give her some credit, be patient, enjoy good things, and don't stop at something that's not that important.