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Russian Girls Vs American Girls: Who Wins The Battle?

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Spoiler alert: there's no winner! All the ladies are wonderful, but you can't like all of them. And there are various reasons for that. But to make your way to a perfect wife shorter, here's the Russian vs American women quick guide that will just answer all the main questions or resolve any doubts you`ve ever had.

American women vs Russian women guide roundup: the top-3 factors

To make your decision easier, there's a list of the main aspects to consider when choosing a future wife and how both Russian and American women represent themselves in these terms. Let`s reveal some ladies` secrets!

Attitude to family and work

Most of the American women are ambitious and possess high career expectations because of their expertise and experience in their major field. They`re not getting crazy about having a baby, they want a sustainable and successful life and free time for themselves. Sure, there are women who want and do combine raising children and work, but it's not the top priority for American ladies. These women live the American dream because of their hard work, skills, and great potential since nothing else stops them from self-development.

Russian Girls Vs American Girls

In this Russian American women battle, Russian ladies are all about babies, house holding, and all that family routine. Many Russian girls sacrifice their career and ambitions and put family ahead of everything else. Plus, it's the job of a Russian woman's life to deliver a baby, otherwise it would be considered weird and sometimes even unacceptable by society. Family is a sacred institution in Russia, and there, the more the merrier, especially when they talk about kids. So if you want to start a family and have lots of happy children, you know where to look for the right woman.

Manners and character qualities

These 2 things are connected as the manners are somehow formed from the lady`s character qualities. Speaking about Russian girls vs American girls, these two are completely different cases. The manners of Russian girls may seem odd and weird to an American guy, for example, but you can't say they don't have manners at all. Russian ladies are quite emotional and aren't afraid of showing that in public. If, let's say, the food in a café was bad or a shop assistant was rude, a Russian girl will complain and get into an argument right away. The American lady will quietly write a busting review with a smile on her face and will never start a fight in public.

Russian ladies are more obedient and secretive. The American ladies are more open-minded and independent. That's why an American woman will never stick to a man who's not worthy of her, while the Russian one will still try to please her husband, even though he's the wrong choice of hers.

Bonus fact: a Russian girl will never share a restaurant bill, a man should always pay for her. Unlike them, American ladies can pay for themselves and not get offended by this. Feminism!


It`s believed the Russian girls are more appealing to men than the American ladies. Why so? Russian women always take great care of their appearance. It's very unlikely to see them doing grocery shopping or throwing litter away in their pajamas or home-worm outfit. Russian girls always look stunning: makeup, trendy clothes, beauty procedures like manicure and massages are essential for them. Russian ladies also remain lady-like inside. They want to love and take good care of their men, raise their kids, and cook breakfast in the morning, always with a smile and good-looking.

Russian Girls

In contrast, American girls don't try to make a great first impression on a man by the way they look. American women are used to a comfort life concept and won`t overdress or put on heavy makeup for no reason. They`re more casual and believe they're worth paying attention to because of their life achievements, career, or social status. They`re less dependent on their partners and are constantly fighting for their rights (by the way, the feminist movement was born right here, in the US). That's why the American women are genuinely strong and powerful from the inside, they don't seek hugs, cuddling, or any kind of support — they manage it all themselves.

So whom should you choose? That's the question only you can find the answer to. It's normal to try dating different women and see who you`re falling for more. This may depend upon the nationality, or their looks, or character. The only obvious thing here is that you should keep trying and searching for a perfect woman in different parts of the world — the universe will pay back for your effort! Having all the points from this Russian vs American women comparison in mind, you`re doomed to succeed with your choice.